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"Therefore, write down this song and teach it to the children of Israel . . ." --Deut. 31:19

Torah Restoration will not consider a repair or restoration of a used Torah without actually seeing the Torah and examining the Torah from beginning to end. This will either require that the Torah be shipped to our facility, or that a visit be arranged to examine, determine the work which is necessary and present you with an estimate for that work.

The goal of a complete restoration is to restore the Torah, to the extent possible, to its original condition. In most cases, the Sofer will clean the parchment, sharpen, fix and rewrite broken letters, re-sew loose sections, and preserve the Torah so that it is fully compliant with strict standards of Jewish law. It may also be possible to achieve Halachic integrity just by doing a partial repair or restoration. This can be determined upon evaluating the complete scroll. Costs for full or partial restoration can range from hundreds of dollars to much more, depending on the time involved and the condition of the Torah.

If the restoration work is limited in scope, we are available to travel to the synagogue and perform the work on the premises. This can be used as an interactive and educational tool for the laity, the Hebrew School, and the administration. There may be an additional fee for special educational and interactive workshops, in addition to the repair of the scroll. is also a complete source for new Torah rollers and accessories, which may be needed. Etzei Chaim often break or crack and may need to be replaced.

Tips for Torah Maintenance:

  • The Holy Ark which houses the Torah must be free of all moisture. Arks are often built into exterior walls, which cause moisture from the outside to penetrate into the Aron Kodesh. A simple coat of sealant or waterproof paint will rectify this problem.
  • There should be adequate ventilation in the Aron Kodesh to prevent mold from growing on the Torah.
  • Torahs should not be transported or taken outside, if it is raining or if it is excessively humid.
  • The Baal Koreh -- or Torah reader --  must be careful not to touch the letters with the Yad or pointer, so as not to scrape the parchment or damage any letters.
  • When rolling or tying the Torah, it is important to make sure that the edges of the scroll are not protruding below the rollers, which can cause the parchment to tear. One should not roll the Torah too tightly, as this can cause the letters to rub against each other and possibly crack.
  • It is important to make sure that a Sefer Torah is exposed to air. It is a healthy practice to completely roll a Torah from one end to the other periodically, to help prevent the letters from cracking.

In short, a Torah is Holy and should be treated, in a sense, like a precious human being. Guard it, protect it and cherish it.

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