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"Therefore, write down this song and teach it to the children of Israel . . ." --Deut. 31:19


About Us
Avrom Fox - Torah Scrolls, Torah Projects, Restoration, Consulting and Fundraising Yitzchak Winer - Torah Scrolls, Torah Projects, Restoration, Certified Sofer STaM
Avrom Fox Yitzchak Winer
  • Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio
  • Graduated from Yeshiva University and spent a year at Hebrew University in Jerusalem
  • Received a Masters Degree in Social Work from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Worked as a Jewish community Federation professional from 1975-1990 having served as Executive Director of the Jewish Federation in Harrisburg and as Executive Director of the Jewish Community of Rochester New York
  • Moved to Chicago in 1990, and acquired Rosenblum’s World of Judaica
  • Has an intimate knowledge of the Jewish people, the organized Jewish community and has spent his professional life working with non profits, synagogues and Jewish institutions, both in his Federation career and as owner of Rosenblum’s
  • Developed an interest and commitment to insuring that all Jews who want Torah scrolls are treated with utmost respect and dignity
  • Raised in a unique family, his father, Marvin Fox, was a world acclaimed Jewish scholar, philosopher and Rabbi


  • Born and raised in Jerusalem
  • Served in the Israeli Army
  • Studied at Yeshivat Kol Torah
  • In 1993, completed his training as a scribe, and received official certification from the Vaad Mishmeret STaM
  • Spent several years writing megillot, tefillin parchments, mezuzah parchments and Torahs
  • Came to the U.S. in 1998 and graduated from Touro College
  • Has sold over 100 used and new Torah scrolls to wholesalers and other scribes
  • Teamed up with Avrom Fox of Rosenblum’s and serves as the expert scribe and supplier of Torahs
  • Continues to repair Torahs and restore them
  • Expert in the history of Torah scrolls, technically knowledgeable about script, ink patters and has great expertise with antique Torah scrolls
  • More photos of Yitchak in action



Rosenblum's World of Judaica, Inc.

Rosenblum's World of Judaica was established in Chicago in 1941, and has been the primary Jewish book and Judaica store for over six decades. Avrom and Debbie Fox acquired Rosenblum's in 1990, and established in 1996.

Rosenblum’s operates with four divisions:

  • Our full-service 3000 square foot retail store is located in West Rogers Park, the heart of the Jewish community of Chicago. The store is a fully stocked “World of Judaica", housing an inventory of over 20,000 books, an extensive line of Judaica, ritual and life-cycle items, a media department containing thousands of CD and DVD’s of Jewish music and themes, a large selection of lithographic art and ketubot, and a complete selection of sifrei kodesh.
  • An institutional division, which supplies textbooks and educational materials, ritual and religious supplies, and a diverse selection of Judaica to synagogues, organizations and libraries in Chicagoland and throughout the country.
  • our Internet web site -  has grown to become one of the premier Jewish e-commerce sites on the internet and an integral part of our business. Built and maintained by CohoDesign, our technology is state of the art and enables us to provide our customers with a selection of thousands of items. If you are looking for a title, a Judaic item, etc. and can't find it on the site, please e-mail us or call toll free  800-626-6536. We will promptly respond and fill your request by phone.
  • has recently been established to serve the needs of any synagogue or individual interested interested in purchasing new and/or used Torah scrolls and accessories.


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