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"Therefore, write down this song and teach it to the children of Israel . . ." --Deut. 31:19


Shalom Friends,

We are pleased to introduce you to ALLTORAHSCROLLS.COM -- the newest division of Rosenblum’s World of Judaica, Inc. and ALLJUDAICA.COM .

Our strategy in selling and repairing Torahs is simple: to create trusting and long-term partnerships with our clients -- from the very first moment of contact, backed by our full guarantee.

  • We provide open, honest and extensive guidance, direction and information to each of our clients.
  • Our customers are inspired by our egalitarian philosophy, which is the foundation of how we operate and communicate. We respect, are sensitive to and accept all religious perspectives and denominations. We gain great satisfaction from knowing that our Torahs are being used in many different kinds of ritual and religious settings.
  • We have sold many new and used Torah scrolls and have worked with dozens of synagogues purchasing Torah accessories, specifically tailored for their unique needs.
  • We guarantee the legitimacy and quality of all of the Torahs we sell; with one Halachic standard for all.

In short, please give us a call to discuss your needs. We'd be honored to work with you.

"This is the Torah which Moses placed before the people of Israel. These are the testimonies, the laws and the judgments which Moses spoke to the children of Israel when they went out from Egypt" (Deuteronomy 4:43-44)

"For the one who says it was given scroll by scroll, … each statement was written on its own, and Moses wrote it on parchment with ink and gave it the children of Israel and taught them the Torah. But for the one who says that the Torah was given complete… as soon as it was said to Moses from God's mouth, it was said to the children of Israel, … and after forty years, it was written, and even though it was written a long time after it was spoken by God, faithful are its words for there was no change or diminishment or addition based on Moses' own intellect" (Meshekh Hokhmah, Exodus 20:2).

"How could the Almighty establish a bond through the written Torah? The scroll, which rests in a closet, can certainly not be the medium of the bond between God and Israel. But the Torah which is with man to the point that he is becoming a Torah person is capable of establishing a bond between man and God." (Maharal of Prague)

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