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"Therefore, write down this song and teach it to the children of Israel . . ." --Deut. 31:19



Fundraising for New Torahs
Many synagogues commission a new Torah, and develop a major fundraising project in conjunction with the writing of the new Torah. Synagogues can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new Torah, depending on the giving potential and financial capacities of the membership.

A Torah Fundraising project is a major undertaking, requiring a year of hard and dedicated work -- for the synagogue leadership, Rabbi, and administration. Developing the special fund-raising campaign, marketing materials and educational programs is time consuming and challenging and requires professional expertise and direction.

How is ALLTORAHSCROLLS.COM qualified to direct a Torah fund-raising project?
  • Avrom Fox serves as the fund-raising consultant to the synagogue. Based on his fifteen years experience as a Federation professional, including ten years as an Executive-Director, Mr. Fox has a resume of extensive fund-raising experience. He has raised millions of dollars and knows how to develop the necessary strategy for a successful Torah campaign. Moreover, he understands the inner workings of synagogues, the committee process and the relationship between the professional and the volunteer.
  • Yitzchak Winer has the technical experience to be involved in the project as the Sofer STaM and educational consultant for a newly commissioned Torah. He is skilled at developing innovative and creative programs which involve the membership of the children in the Hebrew School, etc. in the process. As it is customary to include several educational programs throughout the process, Mr. Winer will typically spend a day or two around a program, and may participate at a parlor meeting for fundraising purposes. He is involved with the actual writing of the first few words of the Torah, and would participate as the Sofer who would fill in the letters of the last lines of the Torah.

How the process works

  • A Torah fund-raising project generally spans a full year. If the synagogue is interested in the services of ALLTORAHSCROLLS.COM, a preliminary visit / consultation between Avrom Fox and the synagogue leadership, Rabbi, etc. will be required. Mr. Fox will travel to the community for one or more meetings. He will present a complete overview of how the process works to the group. A profile of a fundraising strategy is available upon request.
  • After contracting to purchase the new Torah from ALLTORAHSCROLLS.COM, Mr. Fox typically will bring the yeriot to the consultation meeting so that the committee can select the sample of the Torah they wish to purchase.
  • Once the contract of sale is executed, a detailed fund-raising plan will be developed and presented. The plan will provide giving opportunities on all levels to enable all members, even those with limited funds and young children, to participate. There are opportunities to purchase letters, sentences, parshiot, each of the 5 Books, special readings including the Ten commandments and the Shma, etc. Furthermore there are opportunities to dedicate the Torah accessories including the crown, the pointer, the breast plate, etc. A creative marketing campaign will be discussed, as well as the dollar amounts for the various giving levels.
  • Once the plan is approved, the project will be officially launched. Generally, there is a special dinner meeting for the larger donors, and a public ceremony celebrating the commissioning of the Torah. A spirit of commitment to the project is created at this celebration, allowing the community to buy into the process, and become an intrinsic part of the new Torah.
  • Mr. Fox will visit the congregation a number of times throughout the process. He will conduct ongoing meetings with the committee and staff, assess the progress of the campaign, and be available to conduct solicitations of prospective donors, in conjunction with the synagogue leaders and staff.
  • Mr. Winer will be available to conduct educational programs with Hebrew School children, high school youth groups, synagogue members and leaders.
  • The GOAL is to raise money, and to enable every member of the community to participate in the campaign; to create an exciting environment and to energize the entire congregation around the production and arrival of the Congregational Sefer Torah.
  • If ALLTORAHSCROLLS.COM is engaged to sell the Torah and conduct the campaign, our compensation consists of a modest, flat fee, inaddition to to reimbursement for food, lodging and expenses.
The very last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah Scroll. By endowing a letter, word, sentence for yourself, your children, family members or friends, it is as if you have written your own Torah Scroll.

Mitzvah On Every Jew

It is a mitzvah (positive commandment) for every Jew to write for himself a Sefer Torah as it is said: "And now write for you this song and from tradition our Sages received the explanation of this verse: to write the whole Torah were the song is written. Even if one inherited a Sefer Torah from his father, still he is commanded to write one for himself. If he hired a Sofer (Certified Scribe) to write a Sefer Torah for him or if he fixed the Sefer Torah considered as if he wrote it by himself.


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